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About – Tyrannosaurs- Meet the Family

Exhibition exclusive to Sydney at the Australian Museum. Opening 23 November 2013

If you thought you knew tyrannosaurs, think again. Tyrannosaurs came in all shapes and sizes including the diminutive Dilong, also known as the ‘emperor dragon’, with a skeleton just one metre long.

Tyrannosaurs tells the story of this celebrated dinosaur family in a completely new way. Using cutting-edge technology. Tyrannosaurs features augmented reality, hands-on and multimedia experiences that will engage and excite children and adults alike.

·         TOUCH an actual tyrannosaur claw! 

·         PLAY our “Stamp out the Dinosaurs” game!

·         EXPERIENCE the awesome power of the bite of the tyrannosaur with the bite force simulator!

·         EXPLORE the family using the multi-touch table!

·         SEE documentaries on these mighty creatures!

·         AND SO MUCH MORE!

Don’t be late. Book now! Exclusive to Sydney for a limited time at the Australian Museum!